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Turkmenistan Neutrality Day and Kenya Independence Day Celebrated at CIU

The International Center, within the scope of the International Night Activities of Cyprus (ICU) International University (CIU), celebrated Turkmenistan Neutrality Day and Kenya Independence Day.

The activity, which started with the national anthem of both countries, continued with slide shows about the history of the countries. During the night, which had music and dance performances representing the two countries, the show of Turkmenistan and Kenya's local costumes was highly appreciated.

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, Rector of CIU, stated that the university has thousands of students from different countries and cultures and he said this diversity is a great wealth for the university. Rector Nadiri stated that the university is a growing family and he said that they pay particular attention to the fact that the students from different countries celebrate their nation, culture, and special days like Independence Days on 109 different nights.

Rector Nadiri stated that university education is not limited to courses, and teaching students different culture has an important value in their future careers and intellectual development. Rector Nadiri pointed out that students from different countries are not only representative of their own country but also they are representatives of CIU and he pointed out that this situation has an important feature in the creative image. Rector Nadiri said that all the students need to take advantage of this opportunity to engage in various activities and get in contact with students from various countries.

Abdollah Mobaraki, the International Center Coordinator, touched upon the aim of the event and he said that they aim to integrate the countries or societies together and increase the cultural diversity and conglutinate the students. Mobaraki said “We have students from different cultures and geographies; we are a family that makes cultural connections within these differences.”

Last updated: 09-01-2019