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Transfer of undergraduate students to CIU is in progress

Transfer of undergraduate students to CIU is in progress

Transfer applications for Cyprus International University (CIU) 2016-2017 Spring Semester is currently in progress.

According to the statement by Cyprus International University Rectorate Office undergraduate transfer period that started last week is still open and student transfers to the programs are listed here.

Graduate Programs: Pharmacy, English Language Teaching, Pre-School Teacher Training,Turkish Language Teaching, Guidance and Psychological Counselling, Computer and Teaching Technologies  Teaching, Mentally Handicapped Teaching, Classroom Teaching, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Turkish Language and Literature, Psychology, Psychology (Turkish), Architecture, Architecture (Turkish), Interior Design, Interior Design (Turkish), Finance, International Relations, Journalism, radio and Television, Advertising and Public Relations, Visual Communication Design, Computer Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Electric-Electronics Engineering, Electric-Electronics Engineering (Turkish), Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering (Turkish), Energy Systems Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Petrol and Natural Gas Engineering, Bioengineering, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Social Work, Plant Production and Technologies, Nursing, Nursing (Turkish),Tourism and Hotel Management, Information Technologies, Management Information Systems, Computer Aided Accounting, Computer Technologies and Programming. Undergraduate Programs: Justice, Computer Engineering, Public Relations and advertising, Radio and Television programming, Hair Care and Beauty Services, Accounting and Taxation Practices,Information Technologies, Electric and Electronic, Construction Technologies,  Anesthesia, Dialysis, Pharmacy Services, Physiotherapy, First Aid and Emergency, Occupational Health and Security, Medical Documentation and Secretary, Medical Visualisation Techniques.

Students who would like to transfer to  an equivalent program in our 10 faculties and 6  schools, may contact CIU Student Transfer Office in person or complete the “Application for Transfer Form” located on “Transfer Application for students/Yatay Geçiş Başvuru” on www.ciu.edu.tr website. In addition, for information and enquiries regarding transfer for students are available on www.ciu.edu.tr website or contact us on (0392)671 11 11 and our extension numbers are 2081 and 2083.    


Last updated: 13-02-2017