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"Tourism Entrepreneurship" was spoken at CIU

Speaking at a seminar entitled "Tourism Entrepreneurship" organized by Cyprus International University (CIU) Tourism and Hotel Management High School, Exotic Hotel and Spa General Manager Huseyin Mirillo noted that tourism sector is a locomotive sector and that other sectors have made significant contributions to create jobs with growth.

Referring to the issue of professionalism in the TRNC tourism, Hüseyin Mirillo gave information about the benefits of the global economy for the tourism sector of Cyprus and Turkey. In order to become a good manager in the tourism sector, Mirillo said that every step of the industry should be worked on, and he suggested students to take part in their careers in a part-time job before they graduate. Mirillo noted that it is important to make a difference as well as to try to be successful in every field, especially in the tourism sector, and that it is very useful for tourism students to see and recognize the world.

Tourism and Hotel Management Higher Education Instructor Assoc. Dr. Shiva Ilhanizadeh pointed out that students organized such an activity to increase their practical business knowledge in the business areas and noted that they had knowledge about the sector and increased their personal talents and courage.

Seminar held at CIU Cevik Uraz Conference Hall ended with the presentation of the certificate of appreciation by the Director of School of Tourism and Hotel Management Assoc. Dr. Orhan Uludağ to the  Exotic Hotel and Spa General Manager Hüseyin Mirillo.

Last updated: 04-06-2018