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The Third workshop has been completed at CIU

The Third workshop was jointly organized by Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, department of Graphic Design and department of Industrial Product Design at CIU and it has been completed.

These series of interdisciplinary workshops were developed on designing packages. Previous titles were ‘Hands on Bottle’ and ‘Hands on Gifts’. This year’s workshop’s title was decided to be ‘Hands on Delight’.

Common Theme is Cyprus’s peculiar tastes.

The workshop started with the openning speech of the guest instructor İpek Halim. This workshop was performed by part-time instructors Gürkan Gökaşan and Amir Peyravi. In this workshop, department of Graphic Design and Industrial Product Design students produced peculiar designs. After drawing exercises ‘Cyprus’s peculiar taste’ was selected as a common theme on package designings that was developed in electronic environment. 

The head of department of Graphic Design, Associate Professor Dr. Elif Songür Dağ and the head of department of Industrial Product Design, Associate Professor Dr. Devrim Yücel made a common statement on the education of pattern designing. They stated that it could be obviously seen that education of pattern designing had many benefits on the basis of academic terms. Both of the instructors shared that these kinds of disciplinary workshops will be organized in the future as they were crucial for the social means.


Last updated: 20-01-2017