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The Social Services Department of Health Sciences Faculty students after their leadership “Institutions and Experiences” workshop was organized at Cyprus International University. At the Çevik Uraz Conference Hall, there were some activities organized to the elderly by the Civil Society organizations such as; Social Service and education, Social Service and special education.

“The ones who are studying on this subjects must be responsible.”

Social Services Department Dean Assistant Professor Julie Alev Dilmaç gave an opening speech to the students who were doing leadership. She took their attention on the students referring to the aim and hope that the students within their business life they would be successful and they would not have any difficulty. Dilmaç reported: “whom is willing to work on this Social Service branch they would have to have alternative thoughts, they have to be creative, and the most important one is that they must be responsible.

Work Experience has been learnt.

The students who have done leadership, with Cyprus music accompanied they danced with the elderlies, children who are at the nursery are they done painting and within these activities the students have been prepared and learnt their work experience for the future.

Last updated: 18-07-2016