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Theatre Play “From Where to Where?” Performed at CIU

The audience had fun at the theatre play “From Where to Where?”, organized by students of the CIU Theatre Club, affiliated to the Social Activities Coordinatorship of the Student Development and Counselling Center (SDCC), Cyprus International University (CIU).

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri stated that the CIU Theatre Club has been growing day by day and he said “This scene is starting to be small for us, obviously we need bigger scenes.” Rector Nadiri mentioned that he watched the play with  great pleasure and appreciation. He said that the play gave a message and he congratulated everyone on their success in the play. 

Korkmaz Polat, the famous actor and sound artist, who was among the audience, said that the play was fun and he was proud to be on stage with such talented students. After the theatre play, Polat read poetry on stage and he said “I am glad that there is a theatre. The energy of the actors and their scenes were perfect. I liked it very much.”

Burçin Kübra Celep, who was the director of the theatre play, said that the play created very deep feelings for her and she said that his debut was on stage and she was happy to be on stage again. Celep said that they had been going through a lot of challenging processes and worked a lot. She said “From acting to director, many of our friends have enacted their first roles on the stage. We received nice reactions and this made us very happy.'' 

Ahmet Tokmak, President of the CIU Theatre Club, said that the theatre play was written by old and existing club members, and he said that they played on student problems in a humorous way in this play. Tokmak stated that the CIU Theatre Club is a family and he mentioned that all the plays performed had professional success.

Last updated: 08-01-2019