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Technical trip to Teknecik Power Plant Takes Place

Energy Systems Engineering Club and Electrical & Electronics Engineering Club students of the Student Clubs Coordination Unit within the Student Development and Counselling Centre of Cyprus International University (CIU) went on a technical trip to the Teknecik Power Plant.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Neyre Tekbıyık Ersoy, Faculty Member of the Faculty of Engineering, pointed out that the students of both programs took lessons on the production of electricity, stating that they organized this activity in order to show the concepts and theoretical information shown in the lessons in practice to the students.

Ersoy stated that the Teknecik Power Plant is of great importance in terms of electricity production in the TRNC, which is of interest to Electric Electronics Engineering and Energy Systems Engineering students , so the two clubs organized a common trip.

During their visit to the Technical Power Plant, students were given the opportunity to get information from experts in this field. Ersoy also mentioned that this technical trip enabled the students to have an idea about their future professional careers.

Last updated: 08-01-2019