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Talks about Northern Cyprus Economy and Dialogue Process

A seminar was held at CIU about the Northern Cyprus Economy and dialogue process. The seminar was held at Çevik Uraz conference hall and the head of Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce(CTCC) Fikri TOROS attended as the guest speaker.

“Act with passion to capture the success”

The head of Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce(CTCC) Fikri TOROS stated that risks must be taken to be successful. He also said that “ we should also learn from our failures and it is better to create an interdisciplinary rapport among professionals. He advised the participants about the importance of listening, acting passionately and being honest in every situation. 

“Global Risks increase”

There are serious problems about our economy. Moreover, these risks are increasing. In spite of all these negative effects on our economy we still think that we are an exception. Although we have a limited access to the rival against external problems we still have the ability to control internal problems. CTCC always advocates the necessity of being united and determined against the problems. Over and above,we have the necessary resources to overcome these problems. There is a new world order and the techniques, which we are used to them, are old-fashioned and we sadly face this truth every day. Unless we consider these realities, we will have to stay behind modern societies.

Rector of CIU Prof. Dr. Halil NADİRİ presented a plaque of appreciation to the head of CTCC at the end of the seminar, which was about Northern Cyprus Economy and Dialogue Process. 


Last updated: 28-09-2017