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“Take an Action” TEDx event was held at CIU

This year, TEDx, was organized by the International Center of Cyprus International University (CIU), with the theme of “Take an Action.” 

The opening speeches of TEDx, were spoken by Ali Nasuh Mahruki, a Turkish mountaineer, writer and photographer and Prof. Dr. Jim Vincent, a CIU Lecturer. CIU students also contributed in their areas of expertise and experiences.

Ali Nasuh Mahruki suggested students that they should be an active player in their lives to discover their potential. He advised the students to follow their dreams even if they had difficulties in this process. They should struggle, be determined, disciplined and brave in life. Mahruki gave examples from his life, “We add value to our own lives with the things we have achieved, we are creating awareness by gaining awareness. A mobile life is fruitful, productive, successful and happier life and that new perspectives and opportunities will emerge in this way.

Professor Jim Vincent of Cyprus International University spoke about the importance of listening in human life.  He particularly emphasized the ability of all life on earth as having communicative powers. Without mechanical connections energy flows, Professor Vincent said, through and from trees, plants and animals.  Humans can feel and sometimes hear the music of this energy and urged the audience to try to communicate with nature where ever they are.

Abdollah Mobaraki, the International Center Coordinator, described TEDx as ideal event for all over the world, where everyone with ideas worth sharing can speak. He said the event was organized to help students meet people who have succeeded in life and are competent.

Last updated: 29-03-2019