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A Symposium of "Social Service Practices in Local Governments" was held at CIU

A Symposium on "Social Service Practices in Local Governments" was held by the Social Services Department of the School of Health Sciences of Cyprus International University (CIU).

Dr. Nilay Oğultürk, a Social Services Specialist and the Director of the Social Assistance Department, Çankaya Municipality gave information about the main purposes of the public services in the symposium. Dr. Nilay Oğultürk pointed out that the municipalities should improve the living standards of the citizens in accordance with the contemporary values and increases the level of prosperity and she added the importance that the municipalities should help those who have problems in service production and access to local areas.

Nazlı Küçüksarı, Social Services Specialist of the Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya talked about the place and the role of the social worker in the local governments. Social Services Specialist Küçüksarı informed the students about the importance of employing municipal social workers by about 1900 municipality. Küçüksarı also stated that the social services provided in the local administrations and the social work profession are overlapping one to one.

Prof. Dr. Feray Gökdoğan, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences stated that the Symposium was held within the scope of the "Social Work Practice II” course and she said ideas were exchanged about how social services practices in local governments would become more successful with the current state of affairs. Prof. Dr. Gökdoğan said at the moment, governance-focused social municipalism is prevailing and she pointed out that social service practices in local governments have critical importance for society.

Last updated: 27-06-2018