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The "Swimming Summer School" of CIU was completed with a highly participated Certificate Ceremony

The "Swimming Summer School" organized by the Directorate of Sports Affairs of Cyprus International University (CIU) was completed with a highly participated certificate ceremony at the CIU Arena. At the end of the swimming courses attended by individuals from all age groups, nearly 500 participants were given certificates.

In the "Swimming Summer School", where young people are attended to spend their vacation and to allow them to do sports, courses were taught by experienced instructors. Meliha Kaya, the CIU Arena Swimming Instructor stated that swimming courses are not only limited to summer months and she said they provide training to all age groups between 4 and 60 for 12 months.

Meliha Kaya said that the courses were held in June, July and August of 2018 and were arranged for participants to take a minimum of 8 courses. Kaya also stated that children and adults, who do not know how to swim, or who want to improve their technique can participate in the courses.

Meliha Kaya, the swimming instructor said that there are many groups and groups vary according to the age and level of the students and 4-5-6 age groups are formed up to 6 people and in the other age groups there can be up to 10 people in the group.

Kaya said "We pay attention to keep numbers in groups low, the safety of life of a course participant and having fun during the lesson is very important for us."

Kaya pointed out that swimming is suitable for all age groups and is a very useful sport and she said nowadays it is used in the treatment of many health problems such as; lumbar spine, cervical spine, scoliosis and back ailments.

Last updated: 10-09-2018