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A Successful CIU Graduate Set Up His Own Game Software Company

İlker Döner, who graduated in 2015 from the Information Systems Engineering Programme of the Computer Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering, Cyprus International University (CIU) developed a mathematical game called "Sum Polygon".

İlker Döner stated that he worked in many different positions in the industry after graduating from the CIU and he said that he established his own game software company after working at few companies.

İlker Döner pointed out that besides a successful education life, he gained experience in business and he mentioned that he had Informatics Systems Engineering courses at CIU at international standards in English language so this provided him an opportunity to leave behind his competitors in business life.

During this time, İlker Döner, a CIU Graduate, who has accomplished many successes, announced that he developed the shopping card application system with an Arduino Microprocessor card.

İlker Döner mentioned that with Arduino he produced a Sumo Robot and he added that he also produced a line following robot. He pointed out that he developed Unity with augmented reality games on virtual reality.

Döner said he wanted to improve himself in the field of engineering more so he started working at CBKSOFT Software Company and he continued to work at the CBKSOFT software company as a software support engineer.

İlker Döner, a gradate of CIU talked about his education life at CIU and he mentioned that he was an active member of the CIU Music Club and he was a swimming instructor at the CIU Arena.

Döner said “During your university life the memories that the university left in you as well as the memories you left in your university is very valuable. I am proud to be a part of this family.” and he thanked to Cyprus International University.

Last updated: 24-09-2018