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Students will meet Ebru Zeybekoğlu, the founder of Pragya Academy, Trainer, and Coach

Ebru Zeybekoğlu the founder of the Pragya Academy, trainer, and coach will be hosted within the scope of the 3rd Career Days and Fair event of Cyprus International University (CIU). The event 'Am I the person that I want to be' will be held at Çevik Uraz Centre Conference Hall on Thursday, May 3 at 09:00 am.

The CIU 3rd Career Days and Fair will be organized to enhance the knowledge and skills of students as well as to contribute to employment opportunities after graduation. The students will meet the professionals from the sector to shape their careers in the right way in their professional lives after their graduation within the scope of the activities.

Ebru Zeybekoğlu graduated from the Architecture Department, METU and she completed her Master Degree in Business Administration at Boğaziçi University later. Zeybekoğlu is not dissatisfied with her professional career, but she feels that there are other opportunities waiting for her and she started this self-recognition journey, which it is still continuing, by taking a lot of training.

While she was discovering herself, her inner love, she is still continuing to explore every day; she wants to share this with people.

While her trainings continue, on the other hand, her training period began. She founded Pragya Academy that provides training and coaching services for corporate companies.

Last updated: 09-05-2018