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Students of the School of Physical Education and Sports Gain Heightened Awareness

As a result of the “Social Responsibility Projects” Cyprus International University (CIU), students of the School of Physical Education and Sports (SPES) have gained a heightened  awareness of social problems.

Prof. Dr. Ali Emre Erol, the Director of the School of Physical Education and Sports mentioned the aim of the social responsibility studies which were conducted within the framework of the "Social Service Practices" course, and he stated that this study was useful in terms of the Physical Education Sports Teacher candidates gaining awareness in community issues, improving their communication skills, and problem solving skills.

Erol pointed out that they pay particular attention to such social responsibility projects as a school. He stated that within the scope of the course, students observed the environment and they tried to discover the social problems that they can help with. Erol said that in this way, the students have gained social responsibility and they also improved their self-regulation emotions and this study contributed to increasing the self-confidence of the students.

Physical Education Sports teaching students of the SPES donated materials such as a balance board, a technical ball, target rings, and a balance ladder to Arabahmet Primary School, Atatürk Primary School, Yenicami Kindergarten and Democracy Secondary School, in order to create social awareness within the scope of the “Social Service Practices “course.

Last updated: 08-02-2019