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Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy join the “14th Turkey Pharmaceutical Congress" as Delegates

Işınsu Akçin and Reşat Dostel, Faculty of Pharmacy students of Cyprus International University (CIU), attended the 14th Turkey Pharmaceutical Congress, which is the most comprehensive pharmacy congress, held in Ankara, Turkey.

Akçin and Dostel represented CIU successfully at the Congress which was organised by the Youth Commission of Turkey Pharmacists Association.

The Congress is organized every two years by the Turkey Pharmacists Association and is sponsored by several large local pharmaceutical companies. This year it was held with the theme of “we have a promise to our colleagues, our patients, our community'". At the congress, which had participants from all provinces of Turkey, more than 100 speakers made presentations to more than 2,000 pharmacists and pharmacy students.

Along with experts in the field from Turkey and the TRNC, pharmacists from all over the world as well as various politicians participated in the congress. 

The congress moved from the local to the international level and included not only presentations but also panels, interviews, and workshops. 

At the Congress, which enjoyed great interest and appreciation from the participants, content-rich presentations with 14 different topics from Pharmacy were held over three days. 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ender Volkan, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Cyprus International University pointed out the importance of taking part in such academic and social projects, saying that it makes a big difference both in education and to the culture of students.
Volkan mentioned that students should not limit themselves to the aim of graduation, suggesting that students should not stop learning and they should improve themselves.

Last updated: 23-11-2018