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Students from CIU took a technical trip to Lefke and Yeşilırmak District

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Baktır, Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies and Dr. Ayşen Bulancak, from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, organized a technical excursion to Lefke and Yeşilırmak.

Prof. Dr. Baktır stated that students examined Lefke and the surrounding region, which has a rare microclimates in Northern Cyprus. They were given information about the climate features of the region, vegetation and fruit growing there, he said.

Baktır stated that Lefke and the surrounding region has tropical, subtropical and mild climate and that there are more than 30 original fruit species. Having the world's rare fruit presence in a very narrow area attracted the attention of the students.

Baktır mentioned after the technical trip to Lefke and surrounding areas, the students visited strawberry and banana producers in Yeşilırmak. They were given detailed information about the characteristics and agricultural potential of the region by Salahi Atalar and Enver Luman, who are agricultural engineers.

Baktır stated that especially the current situation of strawberry-banana culture and the plans for the future were discussed. Students’ questions were answered about tropical fruits such as mango, banana and vegetables.

Baktır pointed out they visited the Agricultural Research Institute in Güzelyurt together with the students. The topic of tissue culture studies were touched upon he said.

Dr. Reşat Değirmenci, one of the researchers of the Institute, gave information to the students about the research carried out in important field crops such as barley and wheat. 

The technical and educational trip was very useful for students said Baktır.

Last updated: 20-05-2019