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Students from CIU organized a seminar on exam anxiety and motivation in cooperation with PCGC

Esra Polat and Emine Kübra, internship students of  Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center (PCGC), Cyprus International University (CIU) conducted a seminar on “Exam Anxiety and Motivation” under the supervision of Huriye Koruşan, an Expert Psychologist of PCGC. 

Esra Polat pointed out that the reasons of exam anxiety may arise due to negative course work habits, postponing responsibilities, lack of effective use of time, fear of failure and evaluation, past experiences, meaning attributed to an exam, high expectations and perfectionist approaches.

Emine Kübra Cerrah stated that the word motivation, which carries different a meaning for everyone, is defined as the effort that a person creates to accomplish a goal. Cerrah explains that internal or external motivation can affect the performance of an individual.

Huriye Koruşan, an expert psychologist highlighted that it is important for the CIU Psychological Counseling and Guidance students to perceive the underlying principles and practices before continuing on to their professions.

Last updated: 03-05-2019