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Students from CIU Enjoy Karaoke Night

A Karaoke Night was organized by the Architecture and Interior Architecture Club of the Coordinator of Social Activities of Student Development and Counseling Center (ÖGDM), Cyprus International University (CIU). 

The event started with a live performance by the band Bandaoke International, and it was attended by academics and students. The event continued with Bandaoke International accompanied by students and academicians from all over the world singing in English, Turkish, and other languages. Karaoke and the dance performances of students from CIU attracted attention at the event.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Öztürk, Faculty of member of the Fine Arts, Design and Architecture and Club Advisor of the Faculty of Architecture and Interior Architecture, stated that the Architectural Interior Architecture Club organized this event, open to all university students. Öztürk said this live karaoke was an outdoor activity and it was organized to raise morale and have fun.

Nezire Özgece, faculty member of the Department of Architecture, explained the importance of making these activities in the university environment and she stated that they have organized such activities in order to be together and to get together. Özgece said the night was organized before the final week for students to motivate them and to celebrate the new year.

Yunus Rüzgar, President of the CIU Architecture and Interior Architecture Club, stated that they organized this event as open to everyone and he said “We are very happy that our university allows such activities. I would also like to thank our friends who gave us this fun.”  


Last updated: 18-01-2019