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Students from CIU did a Technical Visit to Akıncılar Elementary School and Village

Senior students of the Department of Primary School Teaching, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU) organized a technical trip to Akıncılar Elementary School and Village within the scope of "Training in Combined Classes" and "Preservation of Cultural Assets-Museum Education" Courses.

The visit took place under the leadership of the Lecturers of the Faculty of Education, Assist Prof. Dr. Sevilay Atmaca and Dr. Osman Vaiz.

Dr. Atmaca said they did architectural and historical research in Akıncilar Village and he explained that the village is the oldest settlement in the near past.

Atmaca said Akıncılar was the biggest Turkish village before the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation and he stated that today the population of the village has decreased considerably.

Sevilay Atmaca said that the village square was visited by the prospective teacher candidates  in terms of historical and spiritual importance, and then they made observations about geomorphological and biological richness by going to a cruising top known as "Prison Tanks".

Lecturer Dr. Osman Vaiz mentioned that when the students from multiple grade levels are educated at the same period of time in one  classroom this is called "multigrade" teaching and he added that in Cyprus and in Turkey in villages and at part of the settlements in rural areas education system comprises education suitable for the area.

Vaiz stated that "especially in Turkey majority of the classroom teachers; start their career at village schools that are integrated.

Last updated: 19-06-2018