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Students from CIU Attended an awareness raising walk called “Wear your Socks and Join Us!”

The Department of Special Education, Special Education Club and ultrAslan-UNI Club of Cyprus International University (CIU) participated in the 3rd “Wear your socks and Join US!” awareness raising walk organized by Nicosia Turkish Municipality (NTM).

Vasfiye Karabıyık, a lecturer in the Special Education Department, said they attended the awareness raising walk organized by NTM on March 21st, the World Down Syndrome Awareness Raising Day. The theme of the event was to raise awareness about down syndrome by wearing socks in different colors and the aim was to support individuals with special needs or down syndrome.

Karabıyık expressed that many institutions and organizations especially from the Nicosia area fully participated in the event and they joined the walk in Dereboyu Street wearing socks in different colors.  He said they participated in the event as a CIU family.
Omaç Ruştioğlu, a lecturer of Special Education Department of Faculty of Education, commented that pre-service special education teachers attendance to these kind of events is important. He mentioned that it is a useful experience for students to understand the importance of special education in the 21st Century and to adopt the idea that individuals with special needs are not different from individuals that are developed normally.

Ruştioğlu stated that the event helped pre-service teachers to gain awareness about down syndrome and that it will help them when they will raise awareness in society in the future.

He also pointed out that they aim to increase sensitivity in society by doing various activities together with the students from the Faculty of Education. She also mentioned that they will always be ready to join events similar to this one.

Last updated: 03-05-2019