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Student Academic Development Workshop organized by Cyprus International University (CIU), Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Turkish Language and Literature Department has started. On the first day of the workshop which will last until May 16, "Old Turkish Writing System" was discussed.

     The workshop started with the opening speeches of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Prof. Dr. Metin Karadağ and Assist. Prof. Mihrican Aylanç and the students of the Turkish Language and Literature Department gave information   about "Old Turkish Writing System".

    Assoc. Prof. Gürkan Gümüşatam who was the moderator of the workshop,the students took turns and gave information about the following; Sabri Can Keklik, "Former Oguzcan's Writing Features in terms of Arab-Persian Orthography", Kâmile Kilimci "Köktürk Devri National Writing Systems", Betül Kahveci "Old Turkish Writing Systems in terms of Primary Famous Lengths", Yüksel Dönmez "Latin Writing of Historical Turkish Dialects in Alphabet ".

On the second day of the Turkish Language and Literature Department Student Academic Development Workshop, "Beloved Types in Classical Turkish Poetry", on the third day, "Cyprus in Folk Poetry" and on the fourth day, students will be informed about the "New Generation in Turkish Cypriot Poetry: Female Poets".

Last updated: 28-09-2017