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Strategy Games and Strategy Conference were held in CIU

"Strategy Games and Strategy Conference" event was organized by the Cyprus International University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Business Department and Management Club.

CIU Business and Administration lecturer Dr. Ayşen Berberoğlu stated that the students acted as a group of students in the event and they had a chance to improve their team work skills. Berberoğlu stated that their main aim is to bring the students together and make them to think strategically, and they have gained the means of solving problems related to the business and discovering their strategic abilities.

Head of the Department of Business Administration Dr. Hasret Balcıoğlu also pointed out that besides the theoretical knowledge in a world where globalization and competition environment is getting better, practical knowledge should be provided,and through the activity, students explained their ability to improve their thinking, increase their relations with the business environment and take responsibilities.

HP Lefkoşa deputy Gülşah Sanver Manavoglu stated that it is an opportunity for the students to make this kind of encouraging and instructional activities, in the future they will provide strategic thinking in their professional lives. Manavoglu suggested that If the students want to be strategically successful, students should discover themselves, think innovate, listen to people, get ideas from others, and follow successful people to discover their potential.

Arkın Group Marketing Manager Najan Özkan talked about business plan and strategy in tourism sector and gave information about SWOT analysis which is the first step of strategic planning.Özkan mentioned about how human resources affect on business and they followed the developments required by the technological era and underlined their strategic policies in this context.

Last updated: 07-06-2018