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“Social Gender Awareness” Seminar at CIU

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“Social Gender Awareness” Seminar at CIU

“Social Gender Awareness” Seminar was held in CIU by the Faculty of Education. Havadis Newspaper Advertising Executive Derya Atamer joined as a speaker to the seminar which was held in Cevik Uraz Conference Hall.

Tus: “ In order to resolve women-men inequality,many studies must be done starting with education”

Having the opening speech of the conference which many academicians and students joined, Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. Dr. Muhittin Tus stated that it is a necessity of human rights for men and women to have equal rights. Tus stated that it is an important step for a contemporary society development for having women and men with  equal rights with men in decision making mechanism,work life,social,cultural and political participation. Stating that it  is important to  improve the women role in society in order to prevent inequality in  humanistic and socio-economic indicators, Tus said “Even though there is a motto as women-men are equal,it is difficult to see this in many places and applications. Hoping that this situation would improve within time, it would be the best to have many studies strating with education.”

Atamer: Main reason that pushing women behind men is what paternalistic society taught us.

Havadis Newspaper Advertising Executive Derya Atamer,who  joined the “Social Gender Awareness” seminar held by Faculty of Education, stated that women are more successful than men in education and gender discrimination influences students’ self-confidence negatively. Stating phrases such as “Looking like a girl, running like a girl” are not appropriate,she said “We should avoid from these phrases. Men should respect their partner and other women in society in the same way as they respect their mother and sister”. Stating that women and men were equal in famine and war ,Derya Atamer pointed out that the main reason which pushes women behind men in this era which technology and industry are developing every day is “individual taughts of paternalistic society”.  Stating that  games which were played when we were a child  form the bits of today “psychologically” , Derya Atamer said gender inequality in society should be abolished through the education for the principles of  “respect and equality”. She advised students to make research and study on “ social gender awareness”.

Last updated: 28-04-2017