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A "Smart Communication" Workshop was organised at CIU

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Education English Language Teaching Department organised a workshop titled “Smart Communication”.

Martin Curtis from the Oxford University Press was the speaker. Martin Curtis said that the event was for the students and the academics and after that, he explained why communication strategies in the context of language learning are useful.

Curtis emphasized in detail how the communication will take place, how it will be achieved and what effects will derive from the act of communication. He also mentioned that the studies on language learning will serve to understand the characteristic of these effects.

Martin Curtis said “We aimed to show teachers and prospective English teachers what they can do with various materials.” Curtis noted that adults have difficulty in language learning and he suggested that these difficulties should be overcome through reading books, watching movies and listening to music about the language they aim to learn. Martin Curtis also gave information about how to enrich vocabulary. He also talked about the elements that will help individuals to enjoy learning.

Curtis added that he will help to investigate the communicative difficulties in his workshop, he conveyed various methods through asking questions to teachers and students.

In the workshop organized for the lecturers and the ELT students, Martin Curtis presented practical examples by directing various questions to faculty members and students.

Last updated: 25-12-2017