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Significant Support from the CIU Red Crescent Student Club

A joint event was organized by the Red Crescent Student Club and the Northern Cyprus Turkish Red Crescent Society, affiliated to the Social Activities Coordinator, within the Student Development and Counseling Center of Cyprus International University.

Melis Tek, the President of the CIU Red Crescent Student Club, stated that they organized this event within the framework of the safe and regular blood donor acquisition program in the TRNC and 79 units of blood were collected at the event.

Tek pointed out the importance of  blood donation by men every three months and women every four months, saying that the aim is to spread blood donation awareness and continuity in universities as a result of collaboration with the Turkish Cypriot Red Crescent Society.

Tek said blood donation in a regular way is useful for the human body and she pointed out that a unit of blood could save the lives of two people.

Şerife Tutku, a Blood Donor Acquisition Officer, explained that they organize joint projects with universities to eliminate blood demand in the country, especially in patients with thalassemia and within oncology departments. Tutku said that their aim is to implement the project four times a year in every university in North Cyprus, saying “Our aim is to create awareness by informing and encouraging the young population.’’ Tutku said the continuity of  donations is aimed at raising awareness of student or individual blood donations. Tutku said every healthy individual in the 18-65 age range, over 50 pounds, can make a blood donation after eating a full meal at least three hours before the donation.

Last updated: 30-10-2018