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A Significant Event from Special Education Department Students of CIU

A "Special Education Materials Exhibition and Support Training" was organized by the students of Special Education Department, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU).

Omaç Ruştioğlu, Lecturer of the Special Education Department stated that special education department students designed and exhibited materials that would help students with special needs  to teach them concept, unit and social skills.

Rustioğlu stated that all the materials on display will be donated to various special education institutions and he added that the materials were designed within the scope of the "Observation in Special Education Institutions" course of 2nd year students, "School and Institution Experience" course of 3rd year students and "Teaching Practice" course of 4th year students.

Rustioğlu stated that first-year students have not yet produced products but they aim at having ideas in projects they will pursue in future periods.

Rustioğlu stated that educational toys prepared by the students of the Special Education Department, educational materials and sensory materials will contribute directly to the development of special needs of children in academic and social context and he added that there are many materials for education and training.

Omaç Ruştioğlu mentioned that these materials will be donated to many institutions and play a major role in teaching children with special needs and he added that donations collected in a charity sale will be donated to a special education institution where individuals with special needs are also trained.

Last updated: 19-06-2018