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An in-service training seminar for academics was organized at CIU

An in-service training seminar on Qualitative Research Methods was organized by Academic and Administrative Staff Development Centre (CIU-AASDC), to contribute to the theoretical knowledge of academic staff and to improve their practical skills.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Adalıer, President of CIU- AASDC, stated that Prof. Dr. Fatoş Silman, a faculty member of CIU organized the seminar entitled “Qualitative Research Methods.”

Prof. Dr. Fatos Silman provided information about data collection methods in qualitative research such as observation, interview and document analysis. She stated that perceptions and events are presented in a holistic way in a natural environment in this research method. Qualitative research has an understanding of hypothesis based theory formation. She also explained that it is an approach based on research and understanding social phenomena within their environment.

Silman pointed out the seven basic characteristics of qualitative research and that these are sensitive to the natural environment, participatory role of the researcher, holistic approach, determination of perceptions, the flexibility of the research design and inductive analysis.

Last updated: 07-05-2019