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A Seminar on "What are the Steps to Follow to Be Able to Print in Scientific Journals?" was held at CIU

A seminar was held on methods to be applied when publishing in scientific journals by the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research of Cyprus International Univesity (CIU).

Assist Prof. Dr. Georgiana Karadaş, Faculty Member of the Faculty of Economics and Specialist Kemal Soyer were the speakers of the seminar which was for the post graduate students.

Assist Prof. Dr. Georgiana Karadaş, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty Member gave information on the research methods and about what steps to follow when writing an article and what needs to be done for the publication of the article.

Assist Prof. Dr. Georgiana Karadaş stated that the article that the author prepared should first be determined which journal it will be sent to and she added that the target of the article should be compatible with the target of the magazine.

Karadaş also mentioned about quantitative and qualitative methods in academic writing and he also pointed out the importance of mistakes in academic writing which is frequently done and he explained the points that need to be careful with.

Specialist Kemal Soyer explained students about writing before the academic publication, what kind of thinking structure, academic writing skills, reading skills they should have and what should they be careful with while selecting resources when writing articles, thesis or doing an academic writing.

Soyer also informed students about the types of quoting and referencing, citing and the importance of plagiarism in an academic writing.

Kemal Soyer gave information about the references to the academic writing pitfalls in English and the technological applications they could use (dropbox (electronic USB), citethisforme.com, refworks, mendeley and googlescholar).

Last updated: 19-06-2018