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Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Business Administration and Administration Club regulated seminar on “Manage Your Future Now” in Cyprus International University (CIU).

Deputy head of Habitat Association Kazım Hasırcı, “Manage Your Future Now” Project Coordinator Uğurcan Top and Global Consultant Dr. Murat Ayaz attended the seminar held in Çevik Uraz Conference Hall.


Hasırcı: As an association our mission is to help individuals at local level.

Deputy head of Habitat Association Kazım Hasırcı made an opening speech.  Beginning by giving information about the Habitat Association to his talk Hasırcı,expressed that this association is an association founded 20 years ago and its roots were based on the Habitat-1 Summit in Rio in 1992. For the first time in this summit Kazım Hasırcı expressed that a project called "Sustainable Development" emerged, emphasized that the main purpose of this project was development without harming the environment. Underlining that the decisions taken at the Habitat-1 Summit were implemented at the international level, Mr. Hasırcı said that with the Habitat-2 Summit in Istanbul in 1996, it was appropriate to lower these decisions to the local level and the Local Agenda Decisions emerged. Saying that the Habitat Association is an association founded after the Habitat-2 Summit, Kazım Hasırcı stated that the mission of the Association is to support the decision-making processes of young people, women and disabled people at the local level. Speaking about their work as Habitat Association, Mr. Hasırcı ended his interactive question-and-answer conversation about how to manage his speech in the future.


Top: We are future leader, today we are your partner


“Manage Your Future Now” Project Coordinator Uğurcan Top said that he joined the Habitat family in 2011 when he was a university student. He expressed his happiness to be the coordinator of the manage your future now, and stressed that the project and the Habitat Association continued with the slogan "We are the future leader and today we are our partners". Pointing out that the future is already possible in terms of financial and education of the future, Uğurcan Top noted that only the past and the future could not be attained but the studies were carried out for this.



Ayaz: An institution must act in accordance with the expectations of the customers

Global Consultant Murat Ayaz stated that they are an association under the name of International Association of Abuse Fighting. Ayaz said that this association was established in America and said that he was a member of the board of directors in the Turkey branch of the association. Ayaz underlined that they organized Abuse Awareness Seminars in universities and institutions within the scope of the association. He continued to talk about "managing the future in advance". Ayaz, as the International Association for the Abuse of Fighting, said that they were helping institutions and individuals to build financial futures. 

Murat Ayaz stated that there are about 17 thousand employees in 40 countries in the framework of the association and stated that the most important characteristic of the association is that it has credit bureau.  Global Consultant Murat Ayaz emphasized that one of the most important things for an institution is to understand the expectations of its customers and to produce solutions in this direction.

Last updated: 09-02-2017