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A seminar was held by the School of Health Sciences, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Cyprus International University (CIU) on the subject of "Past, Present and Future of Dialysis Technique".

Levent Eren, Director of Fresenius Medical Services Inc. Nephrocare Operation & Project, took part in the seminar held at Çevik Uraz Conference Hall.


Levent Eren, who gave information about Fresenius Medical Care in the beginning of the speech, stated that Fıratman produced dialysis products for chronic and acute renal failure treatments. Eren says that Fresenius Medical Care is a leader in dialysis, with over 90 employees, state-of-the-art products and more than 270 treatments in more than 50 countries. Speaking about hemodialysis products, Levent Eren stated that the aim of the products designed using the latest technology is 'cardioprotective' hemodialysis. Eren said, "With this product, we can provide the best treatment for our patients and ease of use for all our employees."

Levent Eren, Director of Nephrocare Operation & Project, who defines dialysis technician profession, graduated from vocational schools of dialysis technicians; He explained the patient as a health technician who performed dialysis applications with the referral of the patient. Speaking about the importance of dialysis technique, Eren said, "Dialysis technicians have important tasks before and after dialysis, such as providing medical care for the patient, providing disease education, preparing dialysis devices for hemodialysis devices and injecting the patient into the vein."

Internship opportunity to CIU students

Levent Eren stated that the students of  Cyprus International University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics will be able to practice internship in Fresenius Medical services and stated that in Application Skill Trainings students are aiming to adopt this profession in the treatment of dialysis machines and dyanese patients.


Last updated: 01-02-2017