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A Seminar on "Creative Thinking" was held at CIU

A seminar on "Creative Thinking" was organized by the Business Club which is under Student Development and Counselling Centre (OGDM) of Cyprus International University (CIU) as part of the Program to Support the Extracurricular Development of the Learners. At the seminar moderated by Professor. Dr.  Jim Vincent, Lecturer of the English Language Teaching Programme of the Department of Foreign Language Education, Faculty of Education the individual projects of the students were examined.

Jim Vincent pointed out that the event was organized to demonstrate the talent of the students and to remind them to have more entrepreneurial spirituality.

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, the Rector of CIU said as a university they created the right conditions to enable young people to express their creativity and he said "We believe that science and technology should be done much more to make younger students more attractive".

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri pointed out the importance of innovation and creative minds and he stated that "I am confident that the entrepreneurial spirit will make the world economy grow stronger and make it even a better place to live".

Prof. Dr. Hasret Balcıoğlu,  The Head of the Department of Business Administration and Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences stated  that the students should be integrated with the society with the activities outside the classroom and the projects rather than the education system carried out with exam, lecture and grades in order to ensure real development.

Balcıoğlu stated that the participants of the event organized and produced an idea that they could not think about with their projects and they learned how to contribute to their country and to themselves.

Fatima Sabhani, the Head of the Management Club mentioned that the event was a very important experience for the students and they tried to bring the students from different departments and countries together.

Sabhani stated that the students had been given the task of resolving the crisis management of the different countries and they produced many ideas in this context.

Last updated: 21-06-2018