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School of Physical Education and Sports (SPES) of the Cyprus International University hosted ENKA athletes and trainers from Istanbul.

School of Physical Education and Sports (SPES) of the Cyprus International University hosted ENKA athletes and trainers from Istanbul.

Eralp: I would like to thank to CIU for the opportunities they offered.

The dean of the School of Physical Education and Sports Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fikri Eralp stated that SPES started teaching with 2 departments and 34 students within the year of 2016-2017 Academic Year in CIU. Fikri Eralp underlined the fact that they, as SPES and CIU Rectorate, operate in order to provide CIU Arena facilities to the public and promote its use. In this respect, as the first step, they wanted to welcome 12-year-old athletes of ENKA Sports Club in CIU, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fikri Eralp noted that ENKA authorities accepted this invitation. Fikri Eralp stated that 24 athletes, 12 boys, 12 girls, and 2 coaches completed the camp started on 27 January, and they enjoyed the one week camping process at CIU. The Dean of SPES stated that ENKA Sports Club athletes performed morning-evening double trainings, and that athletes also did land traning at CIU fitness and multi-purpose gym. And, Eralp added that, in order to support ENKA athletes, they, as SPES and CIU, applied physical-motor tests on athletes. Stating that they continue their studies to provide camping opportunities at CIU Arena for other clubs in addition to ENKA Sports Club, Eralp said CIU Rectorate, CIU dining room, and directorate of dormitories provide logistical support to the School of Physical Education and Sports; therefore, they got through the camping period without any problems. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fikri Eralp said, “"I would like to thank the CIU family for all the possibilities offered to the ENKA family within the SPES framework."


Nadiri: Strong thoughts are always in a solid body

   Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, Rector of the Cyprus International University, talked to ENKA Sports Club athletes and trainers during a visit to the Rector's meeting hall. Nadiri expressed satisfaction with seeing the ENKA family in the CIU, and explained the reason for the success of dynamic and successful athletes, among which champions are among them, "Strong thoughts are always on the solid body".Professor Halil Nadiri, who professed the belief that not only athletes around the country, but also national athletes and champions of the future will be accommodated in the club, stated that he wishes to host ENKA Sports Club again in the CIU. Rector Professor Halil Nadiri, who conveyed his thanks to the ENKA family and his coaches, said, "I hope that you will leave happily here as an ENKA family." The visit to the Rector of CIU ended with the introduction of gifts to ENKA Sportsmen and Trainers.

What did the athletes say?

Dila Kandeğer: ENKA Sports Club came to Istanbul for camping. I feel so happy to be here and to be with my team. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

Kerim Sandağ: I am very happy to be in Cyprus with our team. I would like to improve myself because I came here with the ENKA family. Thank you very much to ENKA and CIU family.

Arda Kurtuluş: We came from Istanbul for our camp. We work constantly to improve ourselves. My future goal; To be a national athlete.

Last updated: 27-02-2017