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Scholarships from Cyprus International University for those who say "I both study and I cook"

Compete with your ingredient and win a scholarship from CIU...

Cyprus International University (CIU) organised an award-winning recipe competition with a theme of "I both study and I cook” in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Turkey. The competition, which is open not only to the participation of all high school seniors but also to the vocational high school seniors, has attracted lots of interest all around Turkey.

Candidate students applied online (http://www.ciu.edu.tr/tarifinle-yaris/index.html) for the competition organized by Cyprus International University in two categories as main course and dessert. The semi-finalists, which were determined by the Gastronomy Department of CIU, will be presented for public voting through social media from April 4 to 8 and the finalists will be determined as a result of the public voting on 9 April 2018.

The finalists of the award-winning recipe contest, which will take place on April 16, 2018, will be awarded a scholarship for a programme that they wish to study from a CIU quota and the winners of each category will be awarded discounts as 100% for the first, 75% for the second, 50% for the third and 25% for the semi-finalists. At the contest, which is organised to help candidates to get rid of the stress of the university entrance exam, will provide the finalists a chance to compete and at the same time visit Cyprus and CIU.

Esat Kastambollu, the Instructor Chef of the Gastronomy and Culinary Department, Can Oba, program presenter of  “Can’lı Tatlar” programme on CNN Türk Canal, Hazer Amani, the winner  of the 2011 "The Most Creative Chef" award and Selim Yeşilpınar, The Chef of the Bellapais Gardens Restaurant.

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Last updated: 05-04-2018