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The Role of the Effective Communication to Gain the Patients' Trust was discussed at the Faculty of Health Sciences, CIU

Lecturer, Erdem Erem noted during the communication with the patients, clear messages should be provided both in the body language and verbal communication. At a seminar on "Using Effective Communication Techniques in the Field of Health" organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences, Cyprus International University (CIU). Erdem Erem explained that it is important to be clear for effective communication in the field of health.

Erdem Erem, Lecturer stated that we should help the patients and the communication and interaction should be provided based on a mutual trust. Providing information about the necessary points for effective communication, Erem explained that it is important to recognize the individual, to define the needs, to deal with the problems more effectively and finally to be able to meet the needs of the patient.

Lecturer, Erem expressed that there are many different types of communication drawing attention to the necessity of listening, understanding and interpreting in these types of communication. He noted that communication would shift to an unhealthy floor if there were any differences between what is expressed and what is meant.

Eren noted that listening is important for a healthy communication and he said "So, among the factors to be noticed, we stop, look, focus, interpret, ask a question and actually hold it."

Referring to the importance of the body language in effective communication, Eren said "It is very important to observe the face expressions of the patient, to direct it to the body and to establish an eye contact."

Lecturer, Erdem Erem also stated that to establish effective communication with the patient, the patient should be asked to clarify what he is saying, to interpret and summarize his words, and to give the patient the confidence to do this by stating that his fears and judgments should be minimized.

Last updated: 30-01-2018