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A Responsive Behaviour from a CIU Graduate

Advertising and Public Relations graduate of Cyprus International University (CIU), World Newspaper columnist Kerim Ülker's sensitive behaviour was appreciated.

Kerim Ulker, who was informed by e-mail sent to him from a government bank, learned that there was 117,800 Turkish Lira in his account on his name.

Ülker thought that the bank had closed his account and he went to the bank and stated that the money did not belong to him. He said that the high amount of money did not belong to him and he demanded that the mistake made must have been corrected. The bank employees thanked Kerim Ülker for his sensitive behaviour and they said that the mistake was caused by them.

Who is Kerim Ülker?

Kerim Ülker, a graduate of CIU, Dünya Newspaper columnist, worked in Vatan Newspaper in 2005 after taking part in the Cumhuriyet Newspaper's Economic Service in 2003. Ülker, who served in the Vatan Newspaper as a Cyprus representative until 2010, received the "News Reporter of the Year" by the Association of Economic Journalists (EGD) with the news ‘Çuvalla Paza Kazandı’. In the same year, Kerim Ülker was awarded Sedat Simavi Journalism Award of the Year by the Society of Turkish Journalists with news "Old Forestry Minister Osman Pepe's work."

Ülker, is the youngest journalist and first economical journalist, who won this award, also won MUSIAD's economic press award for success in 2010 with the news “Krizin Efendisi Türk Patronlar Dünyada Kıymete Bindi”.

Ülker, who is the first journalist to win the three most important awards of the sector in the same year with 3 different news, writes “Bizden Duymuş Olun” and “Perde Arkası” columns in Dünya Gazetesi currently.

Last updated: 23-07-2018