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Resist to violence conference at CIU

A conference, which is called “ resist to violence”, was organized by Faculty of Health and Sciences at CIU.

The conference was held at Cevik Uraz confrence hall, lawyer and the coordinator of “resist to violence” project Mine ATLI was the guest speaker at the conference.

“280 women applied for help in 3 months”.


Mine ATLI stated that the project was started to create awareness about domestic violence and as a repression element. She underlined the importance of supporting the people who suffer from violence and in order to prevent the violence legal procedures must be taken into consideration. She also stated that she had created a legal aid project and 280 applied for help.

“One third of women suffer from violence”

She announced the results of a survey, which was given to a thousand participants, and we asked them what the physical and sexual violence are. It is understood that one third of women suffer from violence. The results of the survey showed us, we can not even talk about the violence. Some women are ashamed to talk about it.  It is easy to talk about others who suffer from violence. She said that there is a misunderstanding about the violence in the society, it is believed that if a women does not work or she is not educated, the violence is acceptable. She said that they had disproved these two misperceptions by the results of a survey. She also stated that the results of the survey showed us that we live in a society which is controlled by men.

The coordinator of “resist to violence” project Mine ATLI answered the participants’ questions and then a short film called “Murdered by Boyfriend” was watched. 

Last updated: 09-02-2017