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“Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies Seminar” was held in CIU

Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies seminar was held in CIU at the 2nd Career Days and Fair.

 EuroSolar Energy Chairman,Marmara University Head of Department of Energy and Head of Bioenergy Association  Prof. Dr. Tanay Sıdkı Uyar joined to the seminar as spokesman.

“The most prominent energy resource is the sun”

Prof. Dr. Tanay Sıdkı Uyar made statements on renewable energy resources while stating that the most important energy resource is the sun.  Refering  the effective use of energy in transportation,Tanay Sıdkı Uyar said this means to carry people in the fastest way with minimum fuel use without polluting the environment. Stating that 300 cities in the world  do not use fossil fuel and there are some cities within the world with zero carbon, Prof. Dr. Uyar stated that having a private driver has come to an end. Stating that the dweling is important for the effective use of the energy , Uyar stated that 300 kw hour for per dwelling is used for heat loss with its TV and electirical equipments. Stating that productive dwelling with European standards use 60 kw hour,Uyar said “ If a German professor’s salary is 6 times more that ours,his energy use is 6 times less.”

Emphasizing that Los Angeles is planning to start 100 % renewable energy in 2020, Bioenergy Association Prof. Dr. Uyar said all street lights in here are sensor-fitted and they do not have light when there is no car which leads to 40 % energy saving. Pointing out that there should be a similar system in Cyprus as well,  he said that a group of 250 people came from German for starting the 100 % renewable energy by 2020 for solving such problems.


“Renewable energy is the cheapest alternative”

Emhasizing that renewable energy such as wind,sun,geothermic and biomass are financially cheap, EuroSolar Energy Chairman said renewable energy does not creat pollution,it is independent as fuel and it is cheap as technology. He said that coal is thought to be cheap since social and ecological factors are not calculated and renewable energy would be the cheapest of them all even in the case of calculation of social and ecological factors with the recent technological revolutions.

At the end of the “Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies Seminar” the Head of Engineering Faculty Prof. Dr. Tahir Celik,EuroSolar Chairman,Marmara University Head o Energy and Head of BioEnergy Asssoc. Prof. Dr. Uyar was given a plaquet for his contribution.


Last updated: 26-09-2017