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Red Crescent Student Club organized a seminar about “Information on Blood Donation”

The Red Crescent Student Club of Cyprus International University (CIU) organized a seminar on “Information on Blood Donation” to raise awareness to students about donating blood. 

Gizem Özşen, Unit Chief of the Blood Donation Unit of the Northern Cyprus Turkish Red Crescent, talked about the importance and the procedure of donating blood. She called attention to the low rates of blood donation to the Northern Cyprus Turkish Red Crescent.

Özşen gave information about the whole process of donating blood, and what to expect to feel after donating. Every healthy person between the ages of  18-65, over 50 kg can donate. It is important to eat a full meal at least three hours before. The process of taking the blood lasts for 8-10 minutes and it does not have any contagious disease risk. People should not stand up immediately after blood donation.

Melis Tek, Head of the CIU Red Crescent Student Club, mentioned that blood donation in the TRNC is insufficient and its important to be a regular blood donor. She said they organized the event in order to raise awareness among students.

Melis Tek recommends that men donate every three months, but women should wait four months. They aim to spread awareness and continuity of blood donation at universities as a result of their collaboration with the Northern Cyprus Turkish Red Crescent Society.
At the end of the seminar, Melis Tek presented Gizem Özşen with a certificate of appreciation.

Last updated: 17-04-2019