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“A Psychology Workshop” Organized at CIU

“A CIU Psychology Workshop” was organized by the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Cyprus International University.

Prof. Dr. Oya Somer, Head of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, CIU, stated that the workshop was organized in order to inform the students about the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), the activities of the CIU Psychology Club, and the promotion of the Student Activity Participation Documents.

The workshop was started with theProfessor Emiratus Jim Vincent and Assist. Prof. Dr. Manolya Çalışır’s information session about the Diploma Supplement that they will receive when they graduate.

Çalışır said that with the Student Activity Participation Certificate the students can transfer the information they acquired in their academic lives to a social platform and she described it as a unique new project implemented in the TRNC and CIU.

Çalışır said related non-class activities can be classified in six categories as: community service, professional experience, leadership, academic awards and degrees, scholarships, certificates, and service learning.

Vincent pointed out that the quality that makes this project unique is the difference in the documented individual development activities, graduate education, and job applications made by students outside the classroom.

Lecturer Eliz Volkan gave information about the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), part of the Bologna Process, the first time in the TRNC, the project was launched at CIU. She stated that in the measurement of ECTS, the workload was given importance and ECTS was the numerical value of the student workload which should be completed for each course in order to reach the learning outcomes in this direction.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nihan Tezer Yörük, an Academic Advisor of the CIU Psychology Club, gave information about the club and she said that the facilities that cannot be reached individually can be reached through the club. Yörük also stated that students have many skills and talents that they cannot discover, as a result of the club activities, their potential skills and talents may emerge.

Last updated: 24-01-2019