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Psychologist Huriye Koruşan points out the importance of Getting Professional Support

Huriye Koruşan, Psychologist Counselor of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center, Cyprus International University (CIU), stated that every individual has the right to receive psychological support.

Koruşan stated that people may feel the need to get psychological support for various reasons in their daily lives and those who do not have direct knowledge and experience in the field of psychology postpone treatment because of their prejudices against the idea of getting psychological support.

Koruşan mentioned that some people receive expert support for reasons such as depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. and she said some people could get psychological support in life transitions that affect their daily lives.

Koruşan pointed out that much research has revealed that there is a link between mental health and that of the body, and she said a good psychological mood in the form of some of the physical symptoms of the person may be reduced and can be overcome.

Koruşan pointed out that the support a person gets during difficult times is important and she stated that psychotherapists receive expert training to understand and treat complex problems, adding that with the techniques used, they can solve problems more professionally than the affected in their normal environment.

She highlighted that the information received about the individual during therapy will not be shared with others except for situations in which the individual will harm himself/herself or others. Koruşan mentioned that within the framework of professional ethics, psychotherapy is completely confidential.
Koruşan said psychotherapists search methods used to deal with the problems of individuals and she stated that the active participation of the individual in the therapy provides self-awareness in person and exercises contribute to the solution.

Koruşan said many people try to solve their problems on their own before they start psychotherapy and asking for support is a sign of courage and power of the person that recognizes that he/she needs help.

Last updated: 12-03-2019