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The "Professional Promotion and Career Days" was organized at CIU

Cyprus International University (UKU) welcomes high school seniors from the TRNC under the scope of the "Professional Promotion and Career Days". The Professional Promotion and Career Days organized by the CIU Public Office will take place on 7-8 March.

Within the scope of the activities, high school seniors who are getting ready for the university will be informed about the professions they might prefer.

In "Professional Promotion and Career Days", where CIU academics will also be present, there will be clarification on the educational conditions and career opportunities of the professions they will choose.

Students, who will be hosted at Cyprus International University, will also have information about the campus environment and university facilities in the event that students will have the chance to review campus life on site.

During the Professional Promotion and Career Days, departments, computer centre, news agency, library, radio-television studios and laboratories will be visited.

Students and academics will get a chance to get together and learn more about the university and professions in the booths that will be in the CIU Arena, which is the first integrated sports complex of the TRNC and which hosts all sports areas.

The event, which students will get information about the academic life of the CIU and the student environment, will end with a dance and music festival.

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Last updated: 08-03-2018