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Professional Practice Workshop ” seminars for high school students in Northern Cyprus were held in Cyprus International University.

Totally 350 students participated to the seminars from Güzelyurt vocational high school, Gazi Mağusa vocational high school, Lefkoşa Turkish school, Republic school, Hala Sultan, Religious College, Atatürk vocational school, Karpaz vocational school, and Sedat Simavi Industrial Vocational School. 12 lecturers informed students about specific topics as well as, they allowed students to have fun. At the end of the seminar which was held in different places; CIU sports complex CIU Arena, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Engineering, Hair care and Beauty Services department and Çevik Uraz Conference Hall, high school students have found the activities useful , and they emphasized that they also spend a pleasant and fun time.

Digital photography were discussed Famagusta Vocational High School students were briefed about “Photography” by Faculty of Communication, Visual Communication Design Department Chair Assoc Prof Metin Çolak. After informing students on the differences of Digital and Classical Photography, Çolak took photos with them. Excursion to Solar Panels Sedat Simavi Industrial Vocational School students attended a seminar about “Energy Systems” under the leadership of Faculty of Engineering lecturer Mehmet Şenol. Students had the chance of exploring the solar panels of CIU which is the biggest renewable energy project in Northern Cyprus. Students who were informed about energy systems which were installed on four different areas such as flat and sloping roofs, terrains, and car parks showed great interest in the seminar. Special effect make up technics
72 students of Famagusta vocational high school and Ataturk vocational high school had the opportunity to get closely acquainted with CIU vocational school, hair care and beauty department. The head of the department, lecturer Vali Gjinali gave information about the lessons taught at the department. He informed the students about “speacial effect make up technics” and made a demonstration. A memorable phoptograph with all the students attended to the seminar was taken at the end. Social media and security Students from Karpaz vocational high school and Sedat Simavi vocational high school attended to the seminar which was presented by the head of CIU Information Systems Engineering department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Devrim Seral about “social media and security”. Lecturer Seral indicated about both the history of the internet and the things they should pay attention while using it.

Certificates of participation have been given. At the end of the ‘Applied Vocational Workshop’which was held with different activities, 350 students were handed their certificates.
What did the high school students say about CIU?

Doğuş Abik(Sedat Simavi Industrial Vocational School)
I think CIU has the warmest atmosphere in order to socialize with people.We were informed by the academicians about the school which was quite enough and they treated us very well.I would lite to study at Physical Education Department.

Sait Işıkcan (Sedat Simavi Industrial Vocational School)

We had opportunities to visit the campus,classes,conference hall and CIU Arena.I really liked the school and the academicians welcomed us very well.I would like to study at Civil Engineering Department.

İrem Kırhan( Hala Sultan Theology College)
I would like to study at Child Development Department. Today I got detailed information about the department that I want to study. I would like to thank to CIU that they gave us chance to be here.


Last updated: 18-07-2016