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A Professional Development Training Seminar Held for the Academic Staff of the School of Foreign Languages, CIU

The School of Foreign Languages, Cyprus International University (CIU), organized a professional development seminar for the academic staff, with the purpose of planning an interesting and student-centered lesson effectively.

JT Rehill, the founder of Learning Advanced, gave information about how the students and academics have a more interactive and effective learning process in the seminar on ‘‘Elements of an Effective Lesson: Principles of Planning”.

Rehill stated that we are in a technologically evolving and rapidly transforming age and he further stated that student profiles change with the development of technology. Rehill talked about the teaching methods that support learning styles for the students' development with class practices and he made suggestions for the individual development of students in the classroom environment.

Rehill mentioned the necessary teaching strategies for differentiating classes changing with student profiles and he pointed out the importance of learner autonomy and independent learning in this context.He also pointed out the importance of effective measurement and evaluation in language teaching.

Rehill mentioned that student profiles should be determined when planning courses and he explained that a motivational learning environment should be prepared for these students. Rehill suggested “Get to know your students and get in touch with every one of them. They are there to learn. If you are enterprising and motivating, you can access more students.”

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yavuz, Director of the School of Foreign Languages, stated that the aim of the session was to increase the efficiency of lecturers and it is important to plan an effective student-cantered course. Yavuz also stated that such professional development seminars will continue.

Last updated: 10-01-2019