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Prof. Dr. Nihat Özen talked about precautions farmers need to take during the rainy weather

Prof. Dr. Nihat Özen, from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, evaluated the ef-fects of this years rainfall in Northern Cyprus for livestock and advises those working in the hus-bandry sector. 

Özen explained, “Heavy rainfall results in more grass and cereal production and improves the quali-ty of the products obtained from animals. Farmers must be wary though from the increased rainfall because fatal swelling cases may arise when wet fresh-blind legumes are consumed. Un-less some herbs were given to animals before they pasture, they should not graze in rich pastures such as alfalfa, vetch or croissant.” 

Özen continues, “Other precautions need to be taken on the deadly meadow tetanus disease which can be found in mushrooms. High protein ratios in fresh-grass facilitated the emergence of a magnesium deficiency which increases the severity of the disease. Also when the grass is not dried sufficiently and homogeneously, it causes aflatoxin, commonly know as mildew poisoning, which can have fatal health effects on animals. These effects can pass through to consumers of animal products which may lead to serious problems such as cancer.” 

Özen also talked about ways to reduce this risk and said it is important the wet herbs are not used for feed at all unless they are mixed with good quality dry herbs before they are consumed. 

Last updated: 29-03-2019