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Prof. Dr. Nadiri Receives Turkey Youth and Sports Confederation Delegation

A Turkey Youth and Sports Confederation Delegation paid a courtesy visit to the CIU Rector, Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, Cyprus International University (CIU).

During the visit, which was held in the CIU Rectorate Building, Rector Nadiri stated that CIU is one of the oldest universities among the 19 universities in the TRNC and he said the university has a multicultural environment.

Rector Nadiri stated that they have the knowledge to compete in the modern world and he added that the aim is to educate young people that can follow developments closely, produce knowledge, and have the potential to be experts in their fields. He said “CIU continues its way with this vision and perspective.” Rector Nadiri also added that they formed the largest sports complex in the region to train young people who have developed themselves socially, culturally, and in sports.  Rector Nadiri stated that they opened the School of Physical Education and Sports two years ago and he mentioned that this year students are in the third year and they have hosted many sports competitions in this area.

Feridun Cevahiroğlu, Chairman of Turkey’s Youth and Sports Confederation, talked about the work of the confederation centre in Ankara. Cevahiroğlu stated that the confederation has been in the TRNC for 10 years and they are an international organization that contributes to youth and sports activities. Cevahiroğlu, the President said that they intend to support the youth and sports activities between Turkey and the TRNC and this will develop their cooperation in the sports field and have an important role in increasing opportunities.

During the visit, both institutions exchanged views to conduct a more professional understanding of sports across Northern Cyprus.

Last updated: 08-01-2019