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Prof. Dr. İbrahim Baktır published a message about World Water Day

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Baktır, Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, explained the importance of water resources for plants, animals and people within the scope of World Water Day. He pointed out that we have to think carefully before using water nowadays.

Water, which is essential to everyday life, plays an important role in seed germination to ripening and all stages of growth for fruits and different agricultural products. 

He said especially in the early stages of plants, water is crucial. Young root ends of the structure are composed of 90% or more of water. Approximately 70% of fresh water resources in the world are used for agricultural purposes. There is a continuous contraction of agricultural areas due to climate change which is felt every day. In that case, water usage should be used carefully. 

Baktır explains that the water economy should be taken into consideration in countries like North Cyprus, where drought is frequent. He emphasized the importance of implementing drought-irrigation systems and growing drought-resistant or partially resistant products. Necessary measures must be taken to start the water harvest without losing time. It is unavoidable to take legal measures and to have conscious training to stop intervention to damaging nature.

Baktır ends saying, "For the safety of our children and future, it is necessary to consider water as water. Due to both chemical and physical properties of water, water should be used consciously.”

Last updated: 25-04-2019