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Prof. Dr. Gürsoy called attention to the importance of an early diagnosis in the fight against cancer

In the context of Cancer Prevention week, Prof. Dr. Ayla Gürsoy, the Head of the Department of Nursing, highlighted the importance of an early diagnosis as many cancer types have the possibility of  being treated if it is detected early.

Prof. Dr. Gürsoy mentioned that today cancer is the second most common cause of death and according to World Health Organization reports, the occurrence of cancer will be doubled by 2030 all over the world.

Gürsoy stated that the five most common cancers in women are breast, thyroid, colorectal, stomach and cervical cancers. She also pointed out that lung, prostate, bladder, colorectal and stomach cancers are common in men.

Prof. Dr. Gürsoy recorded that environmental factors as well as genetic factors play a role in carcinogenesis and environmental factors such as lifestyle, smoking-alcohol consumption, eating habits, air and environmental pollution can all cause cancer.

Last updated: 08-05-2019