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Prof. Dr. Fatoş Silman, a CIU Academic's book on "Politics and Initiatives for the Internationalization of Higher Education" was published

Prof. Dr. Fatoş Silman’s book on "Politics and Initiatives for the Internationalization of Higher Education", who is the Head of the Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU), was published.

Prof. Dr. Fatoş Silman stated that in the book the situation in different countries regarding internationalization studies in higher education was examined and she said the weaknesses, strengths and other problems of these countries were discussed through a SWOT analysis. Prof. Dr. Silman mentioned that in the book, 9 different countries’ higher education is examined and she also said that both developed and developing countries have a comparative perspective on internationalization studies in higher education.

Silman said "The book emphasizes the importance of higher education institutions to multicultural education and internationalization and the implications of the reforms and practices of the countries concerned" and she pointed out that the changes due to globalization to the higher education institutions was included in the book. She also mentioned the differences between the problems experienced in this process and the practices of the European Universities in the Bologna process were covered. Prof. Dr. Silman said the detailed reviews of political, economic, historical and organizational barriers in higher education of non-emerging but developing countries are also included in the book.

Prof. Dr. Fatoş Silman explained that education researchers, academics, educational policy makers, educational institutions employees and managers and graduate and undergraduate students can benefit from this work. Silman said the book is edited by Prof. Dr. Fatoş Silman, Prof. Dr. Fahriye Altınay Aksal and Prof. Dr. Zehra Altınay Gazi and she said that there are 9 sections in the book and it was published in the prestigious IGI GLOBAL publishing house in the United States.

Last updated: 24-07-2018