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Prof. Dr. Baktır explains the importance of increasing forests area due to the acceleration of global warming and climate change

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Baktır, Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, explained that forests are more important now than ever due to the acceleration of global warming and climate change. Baktır pointed out that forests are one of the largest carbon deposits on land, which are crucial for preventing the acceleration of global warming. In addition, forests are essential in semi-arid countries such as Cyprus.

Baktır said that forests are like building blocks of a country. There are many ecological and social benefits of forests, which provide erosion control, soften the climate, clean the air, become a source of oxygen,  food storage for wildlife, regulate water resources and create a recreational environment. Fires resulting from various reasons every year can lead to catastrophes. The destruction of forests formed in the last 50-60 years should be prevented.

Baktır stated that especially on each side of forest roads, it is important to plant more resistant plant species. Burning of stubble should be prevented and society must be aware of that they need to obey certain rules. Baktır referred to the fact that hunting is perceived as a sport. Talking about forestry week is something one could only dream of in countries and societies where forests are filled with empty hives, plastic bags and cigarette butts which are unconsciously through away there.

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Baktır mentioned that those who do not comply with the rules should be punished within the framework of the law. Solutions to such problems start from within the families and education in primary school.

Last updated: 30-04-2019