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Prof. Dr. Baktır evaluated the effect of heavy rainfall on agriculture in Cyprus

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Baktır, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, stated that rainfall is crucial aspect in agriculture. This year has been a very fertile year for Cyprus and Turkey, due to the rainfall,  and has positively affected the quality of barley and wheat.

Baktır advised, “The soil structure used in agriculture should be well known. Permeable soil must be used in order for water and nutrients to reach plants. Rainfall is usually not a problem especially in permeable soils in the Mediterranean Region. Caution needs to be taken though, because if the land is filled excessively with water, an airless environments may arise. When water accumulates in the land, soil becomes deprived of oxygen and nutrients which makes roots decay. Plants also may grow fungus and rust diseases due to increased precipitation and moisture. If plants become severely damaged, then farmers may suffer economic losses. In order to prevent flooding, drainage channels must be installed.”

Prof. Dr. Baktır mentioned that there are currently sloughs and dams in the north. Addition artificial ponds or water reservoirs on the southern slopes of the Beşparmak Mountains may be formed in order to obtain a long term profitable agriculture output and to store rainwater to use in periods of droughts. 

Last updated: 29-03-2019